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The fastest way to grow your business is to retain your clients with Technology. Check out our options that help you capture and retain.

How can Tundra make you Money today?

Our Tools

Our Tools


Our traditional phone solutions include IVR (credit card and EFT), policy/member status, cancellation notification, and payment reminders.


Much like our phone solutions we have text notifications, two way texting, and text to pay.

Interactive Insured/Member Sites

Make payment, get status, get documents, and make changes.

Interactive Mobile

Desktop computers are losing ground fast; make sure your client can get what they need on their phone and tablet.

Ancillary Product Management

From towing to AD&D to pet insurance; throw your ancillary lines at our system that automatically sweeps, calls, texts and has mobile and web.

Quote/Bind Flows

Get new business in the door with our web quoting tools. Bind online or offline!

Social Media Connections

Clients use Twitter, you should too!

A Sense of Urgency

If you do not want to move fast please don’t contact us! We drink way too much coffee to be slow.

and more...

TundraLogic leverages telecommunications along with web technology to foster business intelligence, increase client retention, and lower the labor needed to contact clients on a routine basis. Take advantage of our ClientConnect, IVR, and Text/SMS product services to add instant value to your company.
We provide Real-Time Rating web applications that allow users to quote, rate, and print online with our fully integrated and customized real-time rating engine.

Our Mobile web applications provide a way to view policy info, review, schedule, and make payments, as well as download and print documents right from your mobile device with TundraLogic's Mobile website.
Turn your data into actionable information with TundraLogic's data-mining and reporting services. Our experience and deep understanding of insurance data analytics can reveal potential areas for improvement, in order to help hone your existing processes to maximize efficiency, target your customers with the most relevant products and services, and give you valuable insight into your customers' payment habits and insurance company migration history, including the ever-present concern of customers being "rolled" to other companies by your brokers.

We can also leverage your company's data to create Real-Time Rating capabilities that allows for a quote, rate, bind, and print online solution with our fully integrated and customized real-time rating engine.
With the vast majority of auto insurance buyers initiating their purchases online, why not provide the capability to also COMPLETE their insurance purchasing transaction online, with payment and documents, as well? TundraLogic's ClickMyRate solution gives your insurance customers the ability to quote, bind and print their auto insurance policy right from their computer or tablet device.

Let's face it, consumers today rely more heavily on the ability to transact their personal business online than ever before and only will do so more into the future. It saves them from having to wait in line in the office and on the phone and it can also save you from unnecessary staffing costs! Let TundaLogic help you market your auto insurance products to the masses, via the web.

We're not the only ones excited about Client Communication...

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