About Us

We are your Client

With the fast moving pace of technology you need to keep pace or lose the race. We here at Tundra LOVE technology and are always looking for the next item of interest (can you say Bitcoins????). The thing about this is, so is your client. We understand your need to maintain your 1980’s main frame for your policies but your client needs more than a green screen. We do the Über cool tech stuff for you!

Our Team

Claim To Fame

Here is where you usually find business babble about how we “Synthesize end-to-end empowering innovative solutions that synergize best practices to your core business”. We find that to be a waste of words.

What we do is simple; we help you talk with your client from your legacy systems without the intervention of your IT staff. What your IT staff says will take 6 months we do in 6 days (here in sunny California). We rock star the simple things that you should be doing but are not because you lack the techno chops or resources to get it done.

We have no time for the Jibber Jabber, if you are going to do it, do it Now.