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Employee and Producer Engagement & Unification Solutions

Our Business Core of products is a way to run your business more efficiently from the inside out. Using the same data load that we use for our Client Core, we can change the way you present yourself to your CSRs and Producers. Our platform allows you, no matter what system (or systems) you are on, to present a unified, tech-forward face to the world.

Business Core

Producer Portal

Producer portal to mananage policies, view documents, and make payments. Retention tools built in to allow your producers the ability to engage with customers before they cancel. Tailored around our powerful core to suit your business, we can present as much or as little to your producers as your business dictates. Viewing E&O, commission reports, notes, and notifications are all examples of the features that we can add to your platform.

CSR Portal

CSR portal to view policy information, make payments, and get in and out of service calls quickly. Streamlined billing views to help customer service agents answer questions and move on to the next call. Like the Producer portal, it is tailored around our platform to suit your business needs. We want to figure out where your customer service pain points are, and design solutions with you to reduce those problems.

Producer Quoting

Producer New Business and Endorsement interfaces can be added to the Producer Portal, eliminating the need for your Producers to ever go anywhere else. Workflows are built to your product specifications, including underwriting rules and "block early, block often" hard stops. Integrates with your existing policy management system (or systems) for rating, binding, and document generation. Our platform gives you the ultimate control over the business you get.

System Unification / MARKET Solutions

Unify Multiple Policy Systems

It is not often that companies are only running a single policy system. If you are actively using more than 1 policy system, we can help to reduce some of the associated chaos by bringing your data in to a unified view for CSRs, Producers, and Insureds. Keep the time spent jumping from system to system at a minimum with a custom integration of our Business Core.


Need to launch a speciality lines product quickly? Our RAMP system is a "policy system lite" that can quickly deploy quoting, rating, and document generation for simple lines of business such as roadside, certificates, and other "unusual" lines. Chat with us today with your pain points and we can see if our platform might fit your needs. Deploy products faster and smarter with us.

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