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Client Core

SaaS Customer Engagement Products

The Client Core engagement platform is a cloud-based, SaaS solution for customer engagement. Using either a daily data load or real-time APIs, we give your company the edge to communicate with your clients on a modern platform via our robust IVR, Portal, and mobile applications.

Client Core Apps

24/7 IVR

Our 24/7 IVR system is best-in-class. Quickly configurable to how you want to do business, our agentless IVR allows customers to listen to detailed policy information and make payments over the phone. Our IVR can easily slide in to your phone tree and cut customer service payment calls down by a significant margin. Our IVR can provide information in multiple languages, and you can choose from dozens of voices. Workflow changes are a breeze and can be changed with little to no impact to your customers.

Customer Portal

A full-featured Customer Portal for viewing policy information, downloading documents, retrieving ID cards, and making payments. Electronic document & automatic payment enrollment is available, and a time-saving Quick Pay feature for customers that prefer not to sign up for a full account! The customer portal features multiple, off the shelf themes and will work with any line of business. Multiple user registrations per policy and tracking through renewal terms built in as well.

Mobile w/

Your company will be automatically included in our app upon a successful Client Core integration. Your customers can download the app from the App Store or Google Play, enter their invitation code, and gain access to their policy info, Mobile ID cards, and make payments! Gain a mobile foothold quickly and easily with!

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All App Features

Easy Integration

We integrate with your system via a daily policy policy or real-time API. Payment information is delivered to you in a similar fashion.

Secure Account Lookup

Let your insureds lookup their policy by their policy number and zip code. For the IVR, we also offer automatic phone number recognition.

Status Inquiry

Customers get policy status and information from and of the Client Core apps. Save valuable CSR time by letting the customer self service.


No need to change payment processors to use any of our apps. We are integrated with many processors already, and will integrate with yours during setup.


We also offer outbound IVR and text message reminders. Take the extra step in customer service, show your policyholders you care by engaing with them.

Enterprise Solution

The Client Core apps are a cloud based, SaaS solution, hosted on Enterprise-Level, scaleable architecture with 99.9% uptime and cross-country redundancy.

Client Core
Direct-To-Consumer Quote / BIND / PRINT

Add-On to the Client Core with Direct-To-Consumer

Direct-To-consumer New Business and Endorsement interfaces can be added to the Client Core. Workflows are built to your product specifications, including underwriting guidelines and "block early, block often" hard stops. Integrates with your existing policy management system (or systems) for rating, binding, and document generation. Our platform not only gives you the ultimate control over the business coming in the door, but gains you access to the biggest distribution on the planet.

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