Our Services

There are many products that we offer, rather than confuse you with the large list, suffice to say that Client Communication is well within our core competency. Our software suite ClientConnect is a combination of the holistic approach that a company can take toward communication. This suite has SMS, Voice Calls, IVR, Insured web and Mobile interface that a company can use with a nightly data load to Tundra. We have taken the IT (mostly) out of your communications.

The time to implementation can take one week from initial information gathering to pilot launch. We are ready and so are you, give us a call.

Additional Services

We don’t just know our business, we know yours! We fully understand the need to have legacy systems and having the ability to extend the life of an AS400 or other main frame management system. We have a development staff that can help to bring you into the 21st century with you 20th century backend.

  • Need to expose your internal rating to an external real-time webservice? Been there.
  • Need to allow for direct quote and bind in a web friendly format? Done that.
  • Brokers and Agents dislike writing your product because of the interface? We have you covered.
  • Clients can only make payments during business hours? No problem!
  • You have to up-rate clients because you do not have POS web reports? Easy.

We have worked in the insurance industry for years; your situation will likely not be unique. Might we suggest you contact us before you have to reinvent the wheel?